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Protects Engine Air Filter and Fresh Air Inlet Filter


These precut screens attach with the provided screws to make the access points to your air filters impenetrable to rodents, while allowing ample air flow.


Rodents love to tear into filters and use them for nesting.  Filters cannot be sprayed with Stop the Rodent because it will clog them, so we use screens to make those filters impossible for rodents to reach.  This extra protection is recommended for those who want to bullet proof their vehicle against rodents. 

Engine Air Filter Screen and Fresh Air Inlet Filter Screen

  • Fresh Air Inlet Screen: 12 in. X 6 in.

    Engine Air Inlet Screen: 6 in.  X 6 ¼ in.

    Self-Drilling Screws(8 count): 5/16” Hex;  3/4” length

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