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***Currently only shipping in the states of Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, and Texas***

Our spray uses white pepper and peppermint oil in a concentrated formula that is designed for application to wiring and hoses. Stop the Rodent spray is non-corrosive and safe for all parts of the engine, and formulated to adhere to plastic and rubbers for protection that lasts three to six months.

Also available on Amazon. Same shipping restrictions apply.

Trap! Don’t Poison

Rodents that eat poison can end up dying in your vehicle, and can require removal by a technician if the rodent can't easily be reached.

Trapper T-Tex (for rats) and Mini-Rex (for mice) combine high  trigger sensitivity and trap velocity with interlocking teeth to make escape virtually impossible.

They are easy to set, and the removable bait cup allows them to be baited before setting the trap. Easy release for "no touch" disposal allows the traps to be reused.

Engine air filter location
Fresh air inlet location
Engine air filter screen installed
Fresh air inlet screen installed

Air Filter Protection

These pre-cut screens attach with the provided screws to make the access points to your air filters impenetrable to rodents, while allowing ample air flow.

Rodents love to tear into filters and use them for nesting.  Filters cannot be sprayed with Stop the Rodent because it will clog them, so we use screens to make those filters impossible for rodents to reach.


This extra protection is recommended for those who want to bullet proof their vehicle against rodents. 

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