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•Have any wiring or damage repaired, if necessary, by a certified repair shop before applying spay.
•The spry will not adhere to properly to dust so, clean the engine compartment to ensure long lasting protection.  This can be done with a low-pressure wash.  Allow water to completely dry. 

•Stop the Rodent is a potent spray. You will want apply in a well ventilated space, preferably outside.  
•Use eye protection. Gloves and mask are also recommended.
• Keep engine turned off during application and until product has dried. Do not apply to live wires or near open flame.

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•Start by spraying down into the nooks and crevices in the lower parts of the engine compartment, working your way up to the top.
•Spray should be applied in an even coating throughout, coating all wiring and hoses.
•Apply spray to common entry points for rodents such as wheel wells.
•After spray has dried, about 10 or 15 minutes, your engine will have a beautiful glossy shine.


See our YouTube video for more step-by-step instructions.

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